The 5 Musts to Staging Your Home

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1) De-clutter: Box up anything smaller than a football that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis. You’re going to have to box it to move anyway, so box it up now. If eight pieces of furniture are in a room, and six would be better, try and find a temporary home for the other two pieces. Take them to your mother-in-law’s house, put them into storage or move them to the unfinished room in the basement. You want the living quarters not to be congested.
2) De-personalize: Take the kids’ pictures off the wall, the artwork off the fridge, the university affiliations and sports memorabilia down. Remove the family beach vacation pictures from the desk. Try and make it look like corporate housing. You want people who come to see it to envision themselves in their new house – not walking around yours.
3) Clean: A clean house will bring 3% more in sales price than a dirty one. Remember when your mom told you to go clean your room. Well, now it just happens to be the whole house. And by the way, 3% of the sales price can buy a lot of maid service.
4) Get good curb appeal: A couple hundred bucks, a back breaking day at the home fix-it store, some pansies and some pine straw will go along way. You and the spouse and the kids go spend the afternoon playing in the dirt. Also knocking down the cobwebs on the front door and polishing up the kick plate won’t be bad either. Remember most of us enter our houses through the side or garage door, and very rarely see the condition of the front door for ourselves. Keep in mind, an agent more than likely will be fumbling with the lock box and key for several minutes before entering to show the home. You want their first impression to be a good one.
5) If it’s broke – fix it. But, if ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Meaning, that you don’t want to make cosmetic changes to the property. It’s not necessary. If your tile kitchen counters are doing the job and are keeping your bowl of cereal from falling to the floor in the morning at breakfast, you don’t need to go out and replace it with expensive granite or the newest version of something that you saw in the glamor home magazine article while in the dentist’s waiting room. If something is in disrepair, yes fix it. No one likes to buy broken stuff. If there’s a hole in the roof – patch it, if there are rips in the carpet – mend it, if there is a wobbly banister -shore it up, if there’s a broken appliance in the kitchen – repair it or replace. What you shouldn’t do though is make cosmetic changes. Not only are they expensive and it will make you have to get that much higher of an offer to cover the out-of-pocket expense, but also because the next guy might not like the change you just made. They might have liked it the way you’ve liked it for all these years, the way it was before the change, or they might not value the money you spent to make the change. Either way it is risky to make that investment. And everyone’s tastes are different. What the first guy likes who comes and looks at your property might not be what the second guy likes, and the third guy that comes along probably won’t like what either of the first two liked. Keep your powder dry and costs down. Most agents will come in and spend your money like a drunken sailor on a shore leave, making all sorts of expensive changes, because it is your money, not their money, that they are spending. Resist the urge. Be smart. Most people don’t get a dollar for dollar return on the money they put in in changes once they decide to sell. It is perfectly fine though to have made improvements in the home prior to deciding to sell because they were changes you made for your own enjoyment and not a guess as to what others would like. And keep in mind, if you choose, you can always sell it as is, as long as you consider in your negotiations the need for some improvements to be made by the buyer after they take possession.


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Home Buyers: Here is a List of Questions to Ask the Inspector Before You Hire Them

Home buyers often rely on the real estate agent to give them the name of an inspector to do the inspection of their new home.  I would avoid just taking the word of any agent and do your own quizzing of the inspector to know exactly what advice you are paying for.

Home Buyer:  List of Questions to Ask A Home Inspector


Here is a list of questions for any home buyer to ask any home inspector before you purchase:

Do you warranty your work?

What does that entail?

Is their a cap?

Is that in writing?

Are you ICC code certified?

Do you have code books in your office for reference?

Are you ASHI certified?

Do you have general liability insurance and do you send the policy with your receipt?

Are you a company or an individual?

What are you able to inspect?  Pool, hot tub, stucco, termites, roof, storage units, unfinished basement wiring.

What do you charge to do a re-inspect before closing?

If the seller does not have the utilities on as stated in the contract, what is the fee to come back another time?

Do you take photos of the property?

Do you email the report?

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Home Sellers: Take Photos of Active Places In the Home

Because you need to make your home a product, home sellers should take note that buyers need to be sold on how they would and could enjoy your home.

Home Sellers sell Home Buyers On Living in Their Home

That means that you have several opportunities to show buyers that your home is social and festive all while being a safe haven for relaxation both in photos and when they visit your home.  So here are some ideas:  in a sun room on a chaise lounge, leave the book you were reading out on the lounge like you had just gotten up from reading.  On a screen porch, set the table for a summer party in the summer with festive plastic dishes.  In the basement, set the pool table up like you just got up from a game.  Set game tables up with an active board game.

Take photos of these areas as well as areas that are your favorite places to sit, from the sitting position.  Not too many home sellers have favorite places in their home that are standing up positions.  We all have favorite places in our homes where we sit.

So, again, the idea here is to make sure that you are showcasing your home as an place for the buyer to enjoy themselves.  The bottom line is that you have to sell your home by making it a desirable product and if you do it the right way, you will be paid handsomely for it.

Home Sellers: Write a Love Letter and Make Your Home Stand Out

Home Sellers write a Love Letter to your buyers and make your home stand out from the crowd.

When you are selling a home, your job is to make your home memorable.  Buyers attach names to homes for reference; green carpet house, great basement home, smelly home and now, with this idea, you have the opportunity to be known as the letter home.  If you make your letter good enough, you can be the love letter home.  Now that is something to aspire to!

Home Sellers:  Write a Love Letter

Home Sellers: Write a Love Letter

So what is this love letter?  The philosophy is based on the fact that buyers have a lot of questions, mostly unanswered in the process, that if they got the answers to would help them settle on a home.  Buyers want to know, why are you leaving, have you been happy in the home, how many kids are in the neighborhood, is there crime in the area, and all the other questions that anyone would want to know before they make a purchase.

So, take a little time and write the letter that answers their questions.  Seal the letter in an envelope that you place on your marketing table addressed to Potential Buyer.  Take it one step further and add a couple letters or statements from your neighbors.  That usually sends the message over the top.

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Home Buyers: Getting the Loan You Want and Need

For home buyers there is nothing worse than talking to lenders to find a loan that is good for you. That is why you need a game plan that can sustain the travels of finding and comparing loans. So at Duffy Realty we have built a Buyer ACTION Timeline wherein Step 2 of the process is getting the right financing.

Duffy Realty of Atlanta gives home buyers to ask lenders to get the right loan

Duffy Realty of Atlanta gives home buyers to ask lenders to get the right loan

In the home Buyer ACTION Timeline, our buyers learn:

The key questions to ask the lenders
How to compare what the lenders are saying by utilizing a matrix that compares the lenders
What the terms mean that the lenders are talking about; and
Understanding that it takes a lot of talking to many lenders to get what you want

When you, as a home buyer, are prepared for the challenge, getting a loan is easy. When unprepared, it is compared to doing battle with a broken and dull sword and is rather defeating.

But there is key goal that you must keep in mind, the financing of your purchase IS more important that what you pay for the home. The wrong loan can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So, our advice for home buyers at Duffy Realty is get a strategic game plan that protects you when you go on the hunt for the right loan. Not all lenders want to do business with you but the right lender will honor your business.

We share our proprietary Duffy Realty Buyer ACTION Timeline with our buyer clients. To hire us, click here and get started at no charge because in Georgia the seller pays for your representation in the commission that they are offering in the sale. TIP: In Georgia, when you are working with an agent, that agreement for representation must be in writing, otherwise, the loyalty goes to the seller who is paying the commission. Always make sure that you are represented in writing. You can always cancel the agreement in writing if you don’t like the agent.

Duffy Realty Buyer Action Timeline – All Home Buyers Need This!

When talking about what is the most important tool a home buyer needs when buying, so many things come to mind.

The money to buy of course helps but possibly the biggest tool that is needed is a tool that adds certainty as to what to buy. That would help!

Duffy Realty of Atlanta Home Buyer ACTION Timeline

So at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we are taking no chances in making our home buyers smarter. We use a proprietary tool with a home buyer that we call our Buyer ACTION Timeline. The Timeline starts it’s focus on getting the buyer(s) thoughts together on what is on their wish list. Believe it or not, that is the first MOST important step of the process of buying because it allows everyone to vocalize their thoughts. The 101 House Hunting Worksheet does the job with precision.

Then we continue with Step 2 which is a strategic tool for getting the best loan at the best terms. Continuing all of the way to Step 8 which represents closing the buyers who have used this powerful Timeline state that they have a certainty that they have not experienced in any other transaction in buying a home.

Home buyers, if you want to partake in Duffy Realty of Atlanta’s proprietary Buyer ACTION Timeline, please hire us at and we can get started and work at your pace.

Home Sellers: 5 Things To Do to Get Your Home Ready For Sale

Home Sellers: 5 Things To Do To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

Home Sellers – Here is your list of 5 things to do to get your home ready for sale.

Oh, but don’t forget this is not a sprint to the finish. This is a marathon, so plan to get your home to 90% ready, put it on the market and finish the rest. There are some important facts here before you start to keep you motivated. Clean houses get 3% more in the final sales price versus a dirty house. Dirty houses still sell if the buyer is motivated by the location. You make the decision of which road you want to go.

1. Before you clean it (step 3) De-clutter it. Hide, hide and hide or as serious sellers say, pack, pack and pack. You are going to move it anyway. Pack it up now. And remember, if you have 5 things out, reduce that to 3. If you have large furniture that is hiding the size of the room, move it out. The question that we are always asked is, can I use the garage or unfinished basement for storage? Yes you can, just be strategic in the way that you place things there so that buyers can still see the space that they will be purchasing.

2. De-personalize. De-personalizing is important so that you don’t offend people. You know what I mean here, right?

3. Clean. Have you ever used Mr. Clean Magic Sponge? Not to be used for the weak at heart or the un-gloved hand, but that thing does wonders on everything including walls that you thought need to be painted. Just be careful as it can be a little too aggressive causing you to have to paint because you have taken off too many layers. Pay close attention around the toilets and plumbing fixtures to get it clean. Buyers don’t like to buy “used”. Anything that looks used, may need to be replaced. More about this in step 5. Clean your windows too if you can.

4. Create a curb appeal WOW! New kick plate on the front door, flowers, pine straw; WOW!

5. Get everything in Working Order. This does not mean repaint every room in the house, rip up good carpet to go neutral, etc… This means that if something is broken, fix it. Make your home “loved” and buyers will pay you for it.

You can find more tips on how to make more money for you home at

Home Sellers: How to Protect the Value of Your Home For Resale

For home sellers, protecting the value of your home for resale is an important but often missed concept. The most important part of the equation is you being able to resale your home’s points as part of the “product” to a home buyer.

So here are some steps that must be taken throughout your time as a homeowner to protect your interests and equity.

1. Always document all improvements and repairs to the property with two values in mind: what you paid for the improvement or repair and what the improvement or repair is worth in retail value.

2. Keep a list of upgrades that the house had when you purchased it either new or as a resale.

3. Sell these upgrades or repairs to the buyer as part of your sales pitch paying close attention to the features and benefits of the upgrades. An example would be “We chose to put in the top of the line microwave because it doubles as a convection oven and has a longer warranty which is a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.”

4. Make note on whether your home is on a premium lot for the subdivision. Premium lots are usually the end of a cul-de-sac or a lot that offers privacy. Premium lots sell for up to $50,000 more than regular lots.

5. What phase of the subdivision are you in? Most builders built in phases of minimum cost. You can see this in your covenants, especially if you have a section or enclave or your neighborhood.

6. Anything else that you can provide to potential buyers or appraisers to keep the value of your home high will help.

Ultimately, this IS the responsibility of the home seller who hopes to make the most money possible on the product that they have for sale.

You can read more tips for selling and bringing value at

Home Sellers: Should You Show Your Home If You Have Guests Visiting?

Home Sellers STRESS about showing their home during the holidays. But the truth is, you are missing the opportunity to show buyers the love that your home and family produces during family gatherings.

So let’s talk about what buyers are looking for and feeling when purchasing a home.

Well first we have to look at the seriousness of a buyer if they are spending their holidays looking at homes? Are they a serious buyer? I think so…

Back to the buyer’s emotions. If we listed all of the emotions that a buyer feels during the buying process, we would find that there are two positive emotions and about ten negative ones. Buyers need to feel that the home that they are buying has produced or can produce happiness. They need to feel okay about the purchase. They need to be pushed over the edge in many cases. So, what can do that? A festival of happiness with guests in the home experiencing love with one another. The home is the backdrop to gatherings and most buyers when envisioning themselves living in a home, see themselves in the home with other people.

So, let your home remain on the market during the high guest season home sellers. Show your home during the high guest season and share your joy and festivities with your potential buyers. Serve them cake, cookies and egg nog. Have some fun with them. You might just sell your home to a serious buyer who just needs you to prove that your home offers everything that they are hoping for.

Rhonda Duffy is the #6 ranked real estate agent in the U.S. for Sold properties. Rhonda has a different way of thinking when it comes to marketing homes. Visit Rhonda’s website for more ideas how to make your home a product at

Home Sellers: Should You Decorate For The Holidays?

Home sellers often get conflicted answers when they ask if they should decorate for the holidays.

Home sellers should absolutely continue to live their lives when they have their home on the market. It is the expectation of the buyer that they are buying a lifestyle from sellers who have enjoyed their lives in their home. Now with that being said, a home seller should not go overboard in their decorating. A home that has clutter in every room with full town of decorated and lit houses, smells in every room and a full blown snow storm in every room is a little much from a home seller. And, yes I have seen houses like this as an agent who has been in thousands of homes.

As for visits from buyers who want to see your home during the holidays, yes, home sellers, please show your home. Many buyers use their vacation time during the holidays to attempt to purchase a home. And because they have limited time to see homes on their vacation, you need to be ready to show. That means that if you have guests that have suitcases out, let the suitcases remain out. As a matter of fact, the more people at your home, the better it is to show that you have had great loving family times at your home. Remember, buyers will pay more when a home seller can express love in and for the home. That is a proven fact.

And, if you are considering putting your home on the market during this time, please do! The home buyers are serious, other home sellers have taken their home off the market and home inventory is low. This is the time to get a high price from a home buyer who wants to buy, has just a little time and has little to choose from.

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Best Time to Sell Your Home?

When IS the best time to sell your home, sellers ask?

The Fall and Winter ARE the best time to sell your home! Why, because other sellers back out of the market, buyers are serious and they don’t waste your time.

Okay so here are the facts:

Less homes are on the market leaving homes that may not have gotten attention with lots of inventory on the market all of the sudden start to get multiple offers.  When you can produce multiple offers, that means it is the best time to sell your home!

Buyers that come to see the home are serious about buying.

Buyers have more time off during the holidays to make large purchases.

Buyers love the feel of family time around the holidays expressed in homes that have that family feeling.

There are less showings making your home preparation time less.

Agents spend more time pre-qualifiying buyers during this time because they don’t want to waste their own time.

Many people have to close before the end of the year to get tax savings.  They will however, let you rent from them if you ask them for a temporary occupancy.

So, bottom line is if you are thinking when is the best time to sell a home because you want to sell your home,  I encourage you to sell your home during the fall and winter months to increase your chances of catching the eye of the right buyer but also motivating them to pay more for your home.  Supply and demand work best when buyers have fewer choices and are forced by deadlines like work, vacation time and year end plans.  Also, yard work does not seem to press in buyers minds as much as Atlanta is very lush compared to less maintenance areas.

You can find helpful videos and more articles at  Listen to Rhonda Duffy on Ilyce Glink’s radio show on News/Talk 750 each and every Sunday morning for The Real Estate Insight.

How To Find a Good Real Estate Agent – It’s Not Easy!

How to find a good real estate agent is getting harder!

In real estate and picking a real estate agent, that question is even more critical and hard to determine than it is in other industries.  Real estate agent’s success in their closing ratio to listing ratio, how many homes they have listed etc… is all tracked in a private database that the public can not visit.  And, frankly, agents will insist in future years that it remains just that, a secret.  So, how are you, the seller or buyer suppose to know who to hire?

Unfortunately, most real estate agents are hired by emotion of “I like them” which is dangerous slope towards disaster when it comes to spending thousands of dollars of your money.  One fact that supports the word disaster is that the National Association of Realtors reports that the average agent does 3.5 transactions per year.  OK, let me repeat that, the average agent does 3.5 transactions per year. 95% of the real estate transactions are done by 5% of the agents across the United States.  Is that enough experience to handle thousands of dollars of your money?  I said earlier, how to find a good real estate agent is getting harder and I meant it.  Their experience is critical to your success.  And most agents just don’t have it!

Watch this video for more information about Agents – Danger Number 4 Exposes This


Another important tool that we offer is for us to compare our track record against an agent that you may also be considering.  Fill out the information on this link and we will be glad to send this to you.   (Look down the left hand side for Agent Scorecard).

Rhonda Duffy is the #6 Ranked Agent for Sold Properties in the U.S.  You can find more about her at and learn more about how to find a good real estate agent.










How to Price Your Home For Sale – Critical Information!

How to Price Your Home For Sale – Critical Information!

From Ilyce Glink’s radio show on News/Talk 750 on Sunday mornings, Rhonda Duffy brings her Real Estate Insight to the show by talking about the mystery of how to price your home for sale.  This show Ilyce and Rhonda discussed the critical points in pricing your home and it is NOT what you think.  As a matter of fact, only a few sellers get the answer right when polled.  Watch as Rhonda explains how the internet has precedence over what we thought we should be doing in pricing a home.


Watch this quick video if you are a seller and want to double the traffic that will see your home.

From Ilyce Glink’s radio show on News/Talk 750 on Sunday mornings, Rhonda Duffy brings her Real Estate Insight to the show.  This show Ilyce and Rhonda discussed the critical points in pricing your home and it is NOT what you think.  As a matter of fact, only a few sellers get the answer right when polled.  Watch as Rhonda explains how the internet has precedence over what we thought we should be doing in pricing a home.



John Adams Recommends Rhonda Duffy as a Leader in Real Estate

John Adams Recommends Rhonda Duffy as a Leader in Real Estate

A great real estate expert with a long standing history of giving advice to folks in Georgia about everything real estate gave me a great testimonial today and it made my day.  Thanks John! Being called a leader in real estate means the world to me because my mission is to change the way real estate is done. The real estate transaction for buying and selling has been enhanced by the internet and all leaders in real estate have had to embrace the challenge of utilizing the tools and methods that the internet sets in place.

“Rhonda Duffy is one of the most talented and relentless Realtors I have ever encountered. She has blazed new trails in real estate marketing, and is personally responsible for forcing the residential realty industry to re-examine traditional sales practices. Rhonda is truly a leader in the real estate business.”
Described as “Atlanta’s most trusted voice in real estate,” John Adams is a leading expert and consultant on issues of home ownership in the southeast United States.

He can be heard weekly on News-Talk Radio 920am WGKA Saturdays starting at noon.  He also has a bi-weekly real estate column in The Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution and publishes the monthly Georgia Real Estate Report.

Since 1973, he has bought, sold, brokered, leased, or managed residential real estate valued at well over fifty million dollars.  His weekly real estate column in The Sunday Atlanta Journal & Constitution is the product of years of helping home buyers and sellers, and listening to their concerns. His investment seminars at Emory University in Atlanta have attracted overflow crowds every quarter, and his call-in radio program on News-Talk Radio 920amWGKA is listened to by thousands of Atlantans every week. The program received the 1990 Excellence in Media Award from the Atlanta Board of Realtors.

Believing that wealth accumulation must take place on Wall Street as well as Main Street, Adams has used his forums to present a long term approach to equity stock ownership in America’s strongest companies. He personally owns stock in each of the thirty firms comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

John Adams is well known to audiences as a dynamic public speaker who motivates and entertains as he educates. There are few speakers who bring more personal energy or sound advice to the platform.


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What Kind of Buyer Should Purchase Short Sale/Foreclosure?

What Kind of Buyer Should Purchase Short Sale/Foreclosure?


Almost every buyer starts their search seeking a great deal.  Buzz words around great deals in real estate, are of course, short sale and foreclosure.  But after a few weeks of searching and perhaps making offers on short sales and foreclosures buyers are frustrated when the buying of these great deals turns sour.  So to avoid the further frustrations of hoping and waiting with no win in sight, let’s go over what it takes to buy a foreclosure or short sale so that you can strengthen your buying strategy.

The Patience To Keep Living While Waiting For an Answer
Patience is required in this process because banks are overwhelmed.  Both foreclosures and short sales require many bank workers and many processes to review, approve and finalize any contract or proposal.  The further the offer is from what the bank has posted that they want for the property, the longer the process for review, approval and finalization takes.  So months can pass with not even a peep from the bank about where you are in the process.

So, the number one trait of a successful short sale or foreclosure buyer is the willingness to be patient to capture the great deal that they are hoping for.  The process can take up to 6 months to complete so you must be willing to keep living in the meantime.

The Willingness to Spend Money Even if the Bank Says “No”
The banks expect the buyer to be ready, willing and able to purchase.  Ready meaning, the only thing that is stopping the sale from happening within a few days of their approval and finalization signatures at the bank is the very last steps of the buyer getting their money together.  When a bank says OK – they expect you to close almost immediately.  This is not the time to be seeking financing.  This is the time to close.  Banks give short deadlines for action to happen before they close their file and move on.  Deadlines range from 10 days to 25 days.  They say jump and they mean NOW.

Willing means that the only thing that is stopping the buyer from buying the home is going to closing.  That means that everything about the property is acceptable to you and you have done all of the due diligence that you need.

And of course able means that you are able to go to closing with no barriers or contingencies.

All of the processes above require money being laid out before an approval or even a hint of approval from the bank.  Inspections, appraisals, loan processing fees if you are getting a loan, earnest money and miscellaneous fees.

If you have questions about how short sale offers should be written, visit where we have posted the guidelines that we have seen work with lenders to getting a quicker approval.  AND please do yourself a favor and hire an agent that is not only versed in showing short sales and foreclosures to buyers, but an agent that actually works with lenders for sellers as the listing agent.  That is where the real knowledgeable advantage is for the buyer.

Loan Modification/Short Sale?! Stay/Go?!

Short Sale or Loan Modification? Stay or Go?

If you happen to find yourself in financial worries as we speak and it looks like your house payment may be the problem, it might be time to consider, do I want to live in this home for the next 10 years if I can and do a loan modification, or do I want to go and do a short sale?

Want to stay? Stay Strategy:  Call your lender and do a loan modification. 

Want to go? Go Strategy:  Call Duffy Realty and do a short sale. 

Whatever you decide, you need to take action sooner or later.  There is no cost to you out-of-pocket for either strategy but you will need to muster up some patience and produce a lot of financial documents for your lender to hear your case. You’ll be glad you did!

Rhonda Duffy is the #1 Short Sale Agent in Georgia for SOLD properties and her team knows what to do to get your home sold.  Rhonda is also ranked #6 in the U.S. for SOLD properties overall.

The #1 Mistake that Sellers and Buyers Make

The #1 Mistake that Sellers and Buyers Make in a Real Estate Transaction

The #1 Mistake that sellers make, the #1 is that they don’t manage their listing.  They hand over the responsibility to a listing agent thinking that they are going to handle everything and in the meantime, they fail to look at their listing online or to even see the listing on paper.  Often, when we are hired after a listing has expired, the seller is shocked to see the pictures.  Small mistakes like a wrong zip code, schools, bedroom and bathroom amounts, etc…  These mistakes make searches that buyers and agents do online ineffective.  So again, it is imperative that the seller gives their input on the listing information, the pictures and the strategy.

The #1 Mistake that buyers make is that they don’t know who represents whom.  In Georgia, until hired in writing, the buyer’s agent represents the seller.  That means that all of the conversations, big or small, that incorporates motives for purchasing, timing for purchasing and preferences hinder the buyer’s position because the agent (the one that they have been driving around with for days) actually represents the seller (the person paying their commission) and anything that they learn can and WILL be used against the buyer to secure the best deal for the seller.

Although Georgia law states that an agent is to disclose who they represent at the first meeting with a buyer, most agents choose not to do that for some reason.  Ask the agent to represent you and to put so in writing.  That way, they are bound to your confidentiality and they are responsible for securing the best possible deal for you, not the seller that is paying the commission.  Buyer representation is free to you, but you need to protect your interest.


Metro Atlanta has spoken and Duffy Realty is 92% referred to friends and family for our $500.00 flat fee listing to sell a home that lasts until SOLD, now 8 years in a row. Over 1 Billion Dollars saved in Listing Fees and Over 14,000 listings has reigned Rhonda Duffy, top agent in Atlanta and the #1 Agent in Georgia and #6 in the U.S. for 6 years in a row! Browse the site and you will see many success stories of loyal Duffy clients and how they sold their home and saved a lot of money in the process. Visit or call 678-366-7846

How Reverse Offers Make Things Happen

Home Sellers Make a Reverse Offer to the Buyers

 The idea of making something happen in this market or any other is an idea that    sellers can get their teeth on and arms around. Sellers often expect their listing agent to be serious and network their home to everyone they know and people they don’t. But all too often there has been interest in the home, the interested party just never came forth with an offer and the listing agent and seller excepted that that buyer just did not like the home well enough to make an offer.

We do something different that has started creating quite a stir at our real estate company and the feedback from our sellers, even if the offer does not work, is thank you for trying. I am grateful that you are my agent and at least you are making something happen.

So we call this a reverse offer. We made up the components of what we do exactly and sometimes we change what we do to make the components fit the situation but we follow a couple rules all the time.

In the situation when a buyer has seen a house two times, we call the agent and ask if we are on the short list. When they say yes, you are on the short list but they don’t say that we are the top house, we ask what the objection is in the house. One situation was that there was not heating and air in the basement. We say okay and then ask; “Do you mind if we give your buyers and offer?”

This throws the agent off quite a bit, but then they say okay after thinking about it and asking us over and over if it is legal to do that. I promise you, that is exactly what happens and it really makes you wonder why agents are so much in-the-box that they would think that something out-of-the-box would be illegal.

Anyway, we go to work now and call our seller and get the offer together based on our desire to overcome the objection and then we present the offer to the buyer via the agent.

Whereas the Reverse Offer does not work 100% of the time, we are working them to close about the same amount of time as when we get the offer from the buyer to the seller. Again, the most important thing is that we are making something happen instead of sitting on our hands, and frankly that is what my sellers expect from me.

Why You Should Talk To The Neighbors

As you heard me speak of today on Real Estate Insight with Ilyce Glink, talking to the neighbors is key and critical to your success of making a good buying decision when purchasing a home.
First lets start with why you should talk to the neighbors. Neighbors, although they may attempt to not be nosey, they know everything. One time in my own neighborhood, although I did not know the people that lived there, I noticed that there were people there with hazmat masks and suits on for over one week unloading and cleaning the house. Continue reading

How to: Gain More Traffic for Your Listing

When you sell your home with Duffy Realty of Atlanta, you can be sure that your home is getting the maximum amount of marketing and exposure online. Duffy advertises your home in a myriad of websites that buyers and agents look at...

1/20/2014 | The 5 Worst Things People Waste Their Money On

1/20/2014 | The 5 Worst Things People Waste Their Money On
How to Get Rich w/ oXYGen Financial Topic: The 5 Worst Things People Waste Their Money On Taped 1/20/14 Listen every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. on ROCK 100.5 | Atlanta’s Rock Station to “Your Smart Money Moves” with The Regular Guys and oXYGen Financial. Ted Jenkin, CFP® and Kile Lewis, CRPC® are the founders of oXYGen Financial, and our chief financial officers. All your money questions answered Breathe easier at

Getting the List Price Just Right

Making sure your home is priced correctly can be a large factor in whether or not you will get an offer. Your home should be priced in a fashion that allows for maximum viewing on sites like Zillow. After all, over 90%...

The Rising Cost Of A College Application

The Rising Cost Of A College Application
We see so much in the news today about the rising cost of college education and the crushing statistics around student debt.   These sobering figures are giving much cause for consternation around whether the cost of an elite college education is really worth the price of admission.  Just the other day, I shared with a young couple that to put their newborn through a fully funded elite private school education would require them to save almost $1,000 per month!   Although there is much debate about college education, hardly at all does anyone discuss the costs of just applying to get to that college education.   With application fees being another boon for colleges, here are some smart money moves figures you need to plan for within your family budget as your child prepares for the application process. Application Fees- With a school like Harvard that received over 35,000 applications @ $75 a pop, it represented over 2 million in application fees for the school.  While the average application is between $40...

Have You Done The Research?

Have You Done The Research?
Giving to a good cause can evoke some of the most wonderful emotions we feel. The problem is that many individuals give without always doing the proper research on the charities or what the charities do with the donated money. Most of you can remember the Seinfeld episodes where George gets people to donate lots of money to the human fund without anybody asking any real questions about the charity. When they did, George gave them a few concise answers and people just accepted it as fact. Nowadays, friends ask us all the time through social media to donate money to various causes by clicking a link and filling out a form. Companies ask us to round up while shopping on line or make a $1 donation at the cash register while checking out our groceries. If you have budgeted aside a percentage of your income or a dollar amount that you can afford to give away, I recommend that you take the time to understand a little more about...

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home in 2015

It’s a brand new year and you are ready to sell your home. Selling a house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, but it doesn’t have to be! There are some simple ways to get yourself and your...

1/13/2014 | 10 Things You’ll Pay More For in 2015

1/13/2014 | 10 Things You’ll Pay More For in 2015
How to Get Rich w/ oXYGen Financial Topic: 10 Things You’ll Pay More For in 2015 Taped 1/13/14 Listen every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. on ROCK 100.5 | Atlanta’s Rock Station to “Your Smart Money Moves” with The Regular Guys and oXYGen Financial. Ted Jenkin, CFP® and Kile Lewis, CRPC® are the founders of oXYGen Financial, and our chief financial officers. All your money questions answered Breathe easier at

You Thief: How To Stop The Office Refrigerator Bandit

You Thief:  How To Stop The Office Refrigerator Bandit
Has anyone ever stolen your day old turkey sandwich from the refrigerator or the bag of almonds that you had hiding out in the cabinets at work?  You know what I mean, the work of the sneaky office food thief who sends your blood pressure skyrocketing up to epic levels.  I have witnessed this happen at many different workplaces and I know I am not alone when I pray that the food gods send these people into a lifetime of stomach problems. I always wondered what kind of individual would steal someone else’s lunch. I must admit that I too have been tempted from time to time when there is a half of a coconut crème pie left over in the fridge, but I would NEVER take the food of a co-worker without either a) leaving money and a note or b) asking permission first. But who is the office refrigerator bandit?   Is it . . . . . A broke person right out of college that just can’t make...